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NY Times Reviews "Common As Air": History of IP

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NY Times: “A Republic of Letters: Review of “Common As Air“:

Intellectual property has become such a hot topic that it needs to be doused with some history. Strange as it may sound, this is an argument developed convincingly in Lewis Hyde’s “Common as Air,” an eloquent and erudite plea for protecting our cultural patrimony from appropriation by commercial interests.
The history that Hyde invokes goes back to the Middle Ages, when vil­lagers enjoyed collective rights to common lands, but for the most part it is situated in the era of the founding fathers. Hyde invokes the founders in order to warn us against a new enclosure movement, one that would fence off large sectors of the public domain — in science, the arts, literature, and the entire world of knowledge — in order to exploit monopolies.
He cites plenty of examples from Hollywood, the pharmaceutical industry, agribusiness, and the swarm of lobbyists who transform public knowledge into private preserves by manipulating laws for the protection of intellectual property. Then he draws on Franklin, Adams, Jefferson and Madison for arguments against such privatization.


Recommended Summer Reading

Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos. Interesting quote:

Brand is a lagging indicator of a company’s culture.

Are there any law firms with a Zappos-like culture?


Pairs of Images Similar Visually In One Way Or Another

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Similarities via Flickr:

The pairs of images in this “Similarities” set are similar visually in one way or another. They are presented without judgement as to the motives of their creators. The viewers of the pieces can form their own opinion(s) about what they see.


CNBC on Counterfeits – Wednesday at 9 PM

CNBC emailed this plug request:

Wednesday, July 14 “Crime Inc: Counterfeit Goods” premieres at 9p ET/PT on CNBC.
CNBC Originals goes inside the most profitable criminal enterprise in the world. An undeclared war is being waged in the United States and it’s robbing U.S. businesses, costing American jobs, and bankrolling terrorism. You’ll be shocked by what you see.


Patent Owner Sues Customers of CPi's Annuity and Renewal Services

WhitServe had sued Computer Packages, Inc. for patent infringement relating to patent annuity and trademark renewal payment services. After winning at trial, WhitServe has now sued customers of CPi, including Intel, Brinks Hofer and GE.
Complaint Whitserve v Intel Brinks Et Al Patent Docketing


Today Is Bloomsday

Stately, plump Buck Mulligan came from the stairhead, bearing a bowl of lather on which a mirror and a razor lay crossed.
There, you’ve started Ulysses. You’ve gotten this far, might as well finish it.
Bloomsday activities in NY here.


Entertainment Industry Conference – June 16 – Century City

Designed for CPAs whose clients include film, music and production studios and related businesses; as well as business managers, attorneys, bankers, CPAs, CFOs and controllers who work in the entertainment industry.
Entertainment Industry Conference[1]


I Will Be Hosting A Discussion of The Final Episode Of LOST Tonight

Lucky’s Lounge, 355 Congress Street, 8 pm. We will be sharing the room with ‘Meet the Bloggers IIXLV.”


BlawgReview: ZAPATOS! The Doctrine of Foreign Equivalents Blog

In honor of the INTA Annual Meeting, I was asked to host Blawg Review this week (neither me nor Blawg Review having learned his lesson the last time). Once there were so few IP blogs, the name THE TRADEMARK BLOG was available. Now, there are so many, one of the few names left is ZAPATOS! The Doctirne of Foreign Equivalents Blog!!
If you do want to start a new IP blog, I would be happy to search and clear the name for you. Here are some of the names that are taken:
Pam Chestek’s Property, Intangible which, I think, under-appreciated.
If I didn’t link to Likelihood of Confusion, Ron would only link to it in the comments anyway.
Tech and Marketing Law by Prof Goldman.
Current Trademark Legal Literature
Nolo’s Patent, Copyright & Trademark Blog
Internet Cases by TWiL co-host Evan Brown.
TTABlog. I don’t read it but I do call up John Welch everyday and ask him legal questions. Really incisive coverage of the temperature this week.
IPKAT: certainly one of the better source of illustrations of cats and cat-puns.
Spicy IP (well, maybe suggestive)
AZRights (perhaps suggestive)
Some of Ron’s stuff.
Counterfeit Chic
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IP Watchdog
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Cyberlaw Central
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Legal Fuckin’ Satyricon
Herrera on Cigar Law
By the way, if you check up on Bill Platry’s blog
every day, you will be rewarded maybe twice a year.
Every law firm blog
GEOGRAPHICALLY DESCRIPTIVE (Unregistrable but shrewd SEO-wise)
Seattle Trademark Lawyer
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The Australian Trade Marks Law Blog (which is written by a platypus),
The German Trademark Law In A Nutshell,
Pittsburght Trademark Lawyer
and the Law Vegas Trademark Attoreny.
Chicago IP Litigation Blog
What with all the receptions I’ve been attending this weekend, it’s very possible that I’ve left your trademark-oriented blog off this list. Email me and I’ll be happy to add you, unless you’re one of the two guys who are clearly attempting to rip me off.