Google Video As An Argument Against DRM

Ars Technica: “Google Selleth Then Taketh Away
“. . . after Google takes its video store down, its Internet-based DRM system will no longer function. This means that customers who have built video collections with Google Video offerings will find that their purchases no longer work. This is one of the major flaws in any DRM system based on secrets and centralized authorities: when these DRM data warehouses shut down, the DRM stops working, and consumers are left with useless junk.
Furthermore, Google is not refunding the total cost of the videos. To take advantage of the credit Google is offering, you have to spend more money, and furthermore, you have to spend it with a merchant that supports Google Checkout. ”
I would be interested in knowing Google’s rationale for not refunding the cost of the videos.


Strong Sentiments

Dave Winer’s take on AT&T’s cooperation with the RIAA and MPAA” “I Don’t Believe in the Death Penalty . . . for People”.


EFF On DRM-Free iTunes 7.2

EFF: “Convert to MP3 Before Upgrading to iTunes 7.2” (travails regarding MP3s and iTunes).


Mark Cuban on Harry Fox

Mark Cuban argues that the Harry Fox Agency is holding back the MP3 industry.


Mossberg on DRM

Media Companies Go Too Far in Curbing Consumers’ Activities‘ by Walter Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal, discussing digital rights management.