What Would You Think If 'adidas' And 'Three Stripes' Weren't In The Title Of This Post?

Adidas sues Wolverine for infringement of adidas’ three strip mark. Pictures of the allegedly infringing footwear on pages 11 and 12 of the complaint (one is pictured above).

Para 61 on page 19 is interesting as it alleges that the infringing footwear ‘also’ dilutes’ adidas’ rights in 34 states other than Oregon (where the suit is being brought).

I thought I’d have a bit of fun with this post below. Remember, people who read The Trademark Blog (and can see other people’s comments) don’t represent the relevant universe that a real survey would examine (because they are extremely erudite and good-looking).

adoidas v wolverwine 3 stripe

  • http://blog.jessicastonelevy.com/ Jessica

    Wow, are they off base here.

  • Brand Geek

    Apparently, Adidas’s attorneys lost count . . . their client’s mark covers 3 stripes, not 4.

  • Randall Hull

    Adidas needs to have a chat with Righthaven about the efficacy of aggressive enforcement tactics.