Look For The Goats On The Roof

WSJ: Lars Johnson Has Goats on His Roof And a Stable of Lawyers to Prove It:

Lars Johnson is proud of his restaurant’s Swedish-meatball sandwich and pickled herring. But the signature offering at his Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant isn’t on the menu; it’s the goats grazing on the grass-covered roof.

Any other business thinking of putting goats on the roof will have Mr. Johnson’s lawyers to contend with.

4 responses to “Look For The Goats On The Roof”

  1. Erik Pelton says:

    Great find Marty! Reminds me of one of my favorite trademarks, from the Peabody Hotels: The mark consists of the live visual and motion elements of the The Peabody Duck March as performed at The Peabody Hotels, only one segment of which is depicted in line art in the drawing. The motion elements include the red carpet being rolled out, the appearance of the ducks and uniformed Duckmaster at the elevator door, and the march of the ducks down the red carpet, up the steps, and into the fountain where they begin swimming. The mark also includes the fanfare in reverse sequence.
    – Erik Pelton

  2. Lance Long says:

    Here’s a Canadian contender: http://www.oldcountrymarket.comThey’ve had a brand and the actual practice of housing goats on the roof for decades.

  3. S.Ellis says:

    A friend just told me that there is also a place in Helen, Georgia with goats on the roof, appropriately named Goats on the Roof.