"Disney to "Disney Buys Into Hulu. YouTube Should Be Worried"

WaPo: “Disney to “Disney Buys Into Hulu. YouTube Should Be Worried

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"Joost Shops Itself to Cable Operators, Report Says"

NY Times: “Joost Shops Itself to Cable Operators, Report Says“:

n March, Joost had 523,000 unique visitors to its site compared to 41.6 million for top online video site Hulu.com, according to comScore Inc. Fancast had 833,000 while TV.com, which is owned by CBS, had 3.5 million.”

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"YouTube Is Doomed"

Competitor of YouTube writes column in BusinessInsider arguing that YouTube’s annual loss of $500M is unsustainable.

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MediaSet, Silvio Berlusconi Sue YouTube In Italy

AlleyInsider: MediaSet, Silvio Berlusconi, Sue YouTube For $800 Million:

MediaSet, the dominant TV provider in Italy controlled by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, sued Google (GOOG) and YouTube in a Rome court, seeking “at least” $779 million in damages.
The Milan-based company found 4,643 videos from MediaSet companies on YouTube on June 10, representing 325 hours of broadcasting, the company said

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Google Unveils YouTube Antipiracy Tool

TechMeme coverage on Google unveiling YouTube antipiracy tool.

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YouTube Video About Tur v YouTube

Ron, a copyright lawyer from D.C., talks about the Tur v YouTube copyright case (involving the LA Riot footage). 10 minutes.

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Viacom v Google in a Nutshell

Today’s WSJ has a special section entitled “All Things Digital” that is a must-read for many reasons. From an interview with the CEOs of Viacom and Google we get the following:
Mr. Daumann (CEO of Viacom): The DMCA was not intended to cover a company that is in the media business that has knowledge of the copyright violation. [It was intended to cover] companies that are involved in the building blocks of the Internet – routing, caching, all the rest. I go to every media conference and I see these guys [Google]. They’re a media company. So that’s great. They can create their own content. They can have user-generated content.
. . .
Mr. Schmidt (CEO of Google): . . . As we read the law, it is pretty clear that there is a safe haven for sites on the Internet that host content that is incorrectly or illegally uploaded, as long as they take it down promptly. And indeed we do that. We are busy building tools that will automate as much of that process as we possibly can, because it is crazy having people doing this stuff manually . . . [Viacom] should have waited for the tools.


"YouTube to Finally Test Copyright Tech"

PC Mag:” YouTube to Finally Test Copyright Tech“:
“Top online video service YouTube will soon test a new video identification technology with two of the world’s largest media companies, Time Warner Inc. and Walt Disney Co.
The technology, developed by engineers at YouTube-owner Google Inc., will help content owners such as movie and TV studios identify videos uploaded to the site without the copyright owner’s permission, legal, marketing and strategy executives at YouTube told Reuters in an interview on Monday.”

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"Domain Names Can't Be Trespassed–Utube,.com

Prof Goldman: “Domain Names Can’t Be Trespassed — Utube.com v. YouTube


French Pile On YouTube

News.com: “French Sports Groups Join Suit Against YouTube

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