"Programming Error Exposes Facebook Code"

Wired: “Amateur Programming Error Exposes Facebook Code“:
“Owing to a misconfigured server, Facebook exposed its homepage code to what the company called “a handful of users” over the weekend. The leaked code was promptly posted on a new blog, Facebook Secrets, for all of the internet to see.
One group that should be quite happy with the leak is ConnectU, the company currently embroiled in a lawsuit with Facebook which alleges that the latter stole code from the former. If the alleged code happened to be on Facebook’s front page, ConnectU’s case just got a whole lot stronger, though ConnectU hasn’t said anything to that effect.”

UPDATE: Wired: “Facebook DMCA Notices Silence Digg and Google.”


Prof. Patry on Copyright Deposits and Trade Secrets

Further to our prior conversation about trade secret issues raised by IP filings, we note that Prof. Patry has posted on Copyright Deposits and Trade Secret Protection.


Apple Files For VINGLE and Disclosure Through Trademark Filing

MacDailyNews.com and other Apple rumor blogs report that Apple filed on October 7 for the name VINGLE.  Why do I post that?  Because it illustrates the growing trend of ‘registry-watchers.’

On a related topic, The Privacy and Security Law Blog of the Davis Wright Tremaine firm has recently posted ‘Inadvertent Disclosure of Business Secrets Through Intellectual Property Filings.”