CD Cal: Discussion of Sanctions Against Law Firm / Individual Atty

Sweet People Apparel v Saza Jeans, 14-1143-DMG (CD Cal May 25, 2016). Individual attorneys had been sanctioned under Rule 11/37 for ‘evasive or incomplete discovery’ (discovery docs had been redacted without proper indicia as such). Order of sanctions amended in absence of indication that trial counsel were personally responsible; law firm bears responsibility for ‘making it clear . . . that this is an impermissible practice and to urge care safeguarding against it”


Vexatious Litigant Order


Yes, Judge Posner, But How Do You Really Feel?

Judge Posner awards fees against the Conan Doyle Estate. Special word search game: find the words ‘violate the antitrust laws’ in this decision.

Bonus reference to the Happy Birthday copyright scheme, uh, dispute.

klinger 7th circuit fees.pdf