MARQUEE Nightclub in NY v. MARQUEE Restaurant in KC

Plaintiff operates the famous MARQUEE nightclub in Manhattan, which I’ve never heard of because I don’t get around much anymore. Defendant AMC operates a MARQUEE restaurant in one of its theaters in Kansas City. Dawn Donut perhaps, but both parties reportedly want to expand into Las Vegas.
Complaint Marquee Nightclub Amc Trademark


In-n-Out Burger v Joe's In-n-Out Burger

In-n-Out Burger (doing business in 4 western states) sues Joe’s In-n-Out Burger on Holbrook, NY in eastern Long Island.
Possible evidence of confusion in comment 1 and not in comment 6 here.

Read this document on Scribd: complaint innout burger trade dress


Terminated Donut Franchise

Dunkin Donuts is a franchisor. If a franchisee allegedly breaches its agreement such that Dunkin terminates the license, and the licensee continues to use the trademarks, then in addition to any contractual claims, there may be trademark claims as well:
Dunkin Donuts v. Bakery Maestro, 1:08-cv-00659-RBK-JS (D NJ Feb 6 2008) (excerpted complaint).


The Argument For Federal Rather Than State Trademark Registration

burger king illinois.jpg
Marketplace: “There’s Only One Burger King In This Town“:
“For 50 years, the Burger King in Mattoon, Ill., has been a favorite spot. And thanks to a judge’s ruling, that other Burger King has had to keep its distance”