Is $305 million the largest US Trademark Verdict Ever?

Pfizer/Trovan was $143m (initially) after trial, maybe 12 years ago. I can’t remember anything that has come close since until this. Adidas was just awarded $305 million against the operator of the Payless store chain, for a three stripe infringement. That’s more than $100m per stripe. If you’re aware of a higher damages award in a trademark case, send it in.
UPDATE: This seems to be a jury trial in the District Court of Oregon, 3:01-cv-01655. The most recent filing indicates that the jurors were in deliberation yesterday and: “Nine juror lunches ordered from the Lotus Cardroom and Cafe, and from Anne’s Deli.” Really, that was on Pacer.
UPDATE: Here is the text of the original complaint.

Read this doc on Scribd: Complaint adidas trade dress 3 stripe
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Come On, He Had To Have Heard of Tyler Green

Cogito Ergo Teneo: Lawyers for Tyler Green, former Philadelphia Phillie and owner of Tyler Green Sports, sues registrant and owner of TylerGreenSports.com, and fails to prove defendant’s behavior, including testlfying that he had never heard of Tyler Green, was exceptional.

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