"The Real Pirate Bay"

Umair Haque: “The Real Pirate Bay

Set up a torrent tracker, get fined, go to jail.
Join a bank, destroy the economy, profit.


Two Views Re The Wolverine Piracy Firing

Pro: Fox News Columnist Reportedly Fired for Wolverine Review
Con: Wolverine Piracy, Claws Grow
Pictured: A real wolverine.


The Knockoff Report

IPCybercrime.com: The Knockoff Report

Rob Holmes is Founder & CEO of IPCybercrime.com. Raised in New Jersey in a family of private investigators, Rob worked his first trademark infringement case at the age of twelve. While aspiring as a stand-up comedian in Los Angeles in the early 90s, he found employment at a premiere intellectual property investigative firm. Here, he soon found himself assigned to investigate a new breed of faceless perpetrators: Cybercriminals. Rob conducted some of the world’s first IP-related Internet investigations, and pioneered the study of the “virtual crime scene”.


Suggestion for INTA Conference Location

The mall in Nanjing, China, described here by Counterfeit Chic.


And Most Importantly You, The Customer

Jay-Z’s Rocawear sues defendant, gets an order, defendant alleges breacehs settlement order, Rocawear sues again.
Lyrics to Roc Boys. GirlTalk does a great mash-up of this song.
Complaint Rocawear Contempt


"Do Not Buy Any OMEGA Product On The Internet"

Counterfeit Chic: “Online Watchdog“:

Many luxury brands are increasing their online presence in an effort to boost sales — especially this Cyber Monday. Omega instead took out a full page ad in today’s WWD, advising shoppers to beware the internet lest they end up with watches that are counterfeit or otherwise substandard.


Tootsie Roll Sues T-shirt Vendor

In case you wanted to learn the history of the Tootsie Roll Company, this complaint is reproduced below. Bonus question: spot the trademark that plaintiff mis-uses as a generic. Hint: it’s something that babies wear.
Complaint Tootsie Roll


"Dodgy Digits" re IP Piracy

ArsTechnica: “750,000 Lost Jobs? The Dodgy digits Behind The War on Piracy?


Secret Anticounterfeiting Treaty?

ArsTechnica: “100 Groups Demand To See Secret Anticounterfeiting Treaty“:

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is on a fast-track process as rich nations hope to wrap it up by the end of the year. Unfortunately for everyone who cares about the outcome, it’s midway through September, and no draft text has yet emerged. The secrecy and the delay have inspired many conspiracy theories, none helped by leaked sets of corporate “wish lists” and public comments making outrageous demands. A worldwide group of public interest organizations has now banded together to call on ACTA negotiators to open the process up to scrutiny and public comment.


Alabama: "Purse Guy" gets Two Years In Prison

TimesDaily.com: “‘Purse Guy’ gets two years in prison”:

U.S. District Court Judge L. Scott Coogler sentenced a Florence man to 24 months in prison and ordered him to pay $136,089 in restitution Thursday for selling counterfeit purses and other goods.
Dennis Oakley, 53, owner of two stores in the Shoals known as “The Purse Guy,” pleaded guilty in July 2007 to three counts of trademark infringement for selling trademarked purses, wallets, jewelry, sunglasses and footwear that were counterfeits.