Chinese Catfish Can Be CAJUN For Now

Lousiana has statutes that seek to prevent misleading usages of the terms CATFISH and CAJUN. An importer of what it viewed as Chinese catfish (clearly labeled as orginating in China) sold under the CAJUN BOY trademark, ran afoul of the law. Fifth Circuit struck down the Catfish Statute as unconstitutional and held that the Cajun statute had been erroneously applied to plaintiff.
Piazza’s Seafood World v. Odom, 05-30098 (May 4, 2006).
UPDATE: 43(B)log analysis here.


Geographical Indications Used on Wines and Spirits

Trademark Office Exam Guide 1-06: Geographical Indications Used on Wines and Spirits.


'Whose Sari Now?'

Counterfeit Chic: ‘Whose Sari Now?’ on the protection of indigenous textile design under India’s Geographical Indications Act.
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