Text of Decision in Adjmi v DLT (Three’s Company – Fair Use)

Plaintiff’s play 3C is a deconstruction of the TV sitcom Three’s Company. 3C has a much darker tone. For example, Three’s Company’s basic ‘situation’ is a that a hetero man pretends to be gay so that the landlord allows him to share an apartment with two women. In 3C, the man really is gay, and the play depicts his anguish. The two female roommates are anguished individuals as well.

Reading Judge Preska’s dry recitation of the Three’s Company script summaries at first felt like some strange judicial version of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Then I read the summary of 3C. Maybe anger at the original copyright owner should be part of the Fair Use Test.

adjmi v DLT three’s company.pdf by martyschwimmer

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