JibJab v Plaza Hyundai re Animated Commercials

JibJab specializes in ‘photo cut-out animation.’ It’s best known for its ‘This Land Is Your Land’ parody (above). There seems to have been at least three instances where it has protested local Hyundai dealerships’ use of JibJab-style animation for Hyundai commercials. They allege copyright infringement but also infringement in the mark JIBJAB (see exhibit 1) of the complaint.

jibjab hyundai

2 responses to “JibJab v Plaza Hyundai re Animated Commercials”

  1. lseltzer says:

    Maybe the style isn’t exactly the same, but isn’t this basically what Terry Gilliam did for Monty Python?

  2. esqmarty says:

    It is exceedingly difficult to prove exclusive ownership of a ‘style’ and the example you provided is the sort of evidence that defendant would point to.