Village Voice v Yelp (BEST OF _____ v BEST OF _____)

Village Voice owns local newspapers in various cities. They offer ‘incentive/promotional programs’ to local establishments under the BEST OF mark as In BEST OF DALLAS, BEST OF DENVER, etc. Yelp, the local review/directory site/app is allegedly using many of the same marks.

village voice v yelp

2 responses to “Village Voice v Yelp (BEST OF _____ v BEST OF _____)”

  1. Eric Goldman says:

    Really? I blame the PTO for giving VV false hope of trademark protectability

  2. dantobias says:

    How did they ever manage to get away with registering a trademark on such a generic thing as “Best Of [place name]” anyway? Would a geographically-named music group like Chicago or Kansas be violating a trademark if they named a greatest-hits album “Best Of [group name]”?