UDRP: Stockton Enterprises v Stocktongolf.com

Stockton Enterprises, Inc. v. Global Advertizing, LLC / kerry schorsch (company controlled by golfer Dick Stockton obtains STOCKTONGOLF.COM – registrant indicated that it was used to refer to Golf in the City(ies) of Stockton):

Welcome to www.stocktongolf.com. A Global network directory of Stockton golf. Golf courses, tee times, golf shops, supplies, equipment, golf real estate and related products and services. Golf homes, apartments, condos, resorts, land and lots. Golf recreational, commercial, investment, development and residential real estate for sale or lease. The city of Stockton is found in California, Alabama, Wisconsin, New York, Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, New Jersey, Utah, Iowa and Maryland. Golf courses, supplies, and real estate from other cities, states and countries may also be found on this website. Scroll down to view. (emphasis added)

One response to “UDRP: Stockton Enterprises v Stocktongolf.com”

  1. Dan Tobias says:

    The respondent’s case would have been a lot stronger if the domain actually led to a site about golf in a specific city named Stockton, instead of the more scattershot approach of referring to lots of different towns of that name.