Tyr is the Norse god of single combat, victory and the high tech swimwear, hence its use by Tyr Sport. Tyr Sport also sells water bottles and is suing Tyr Spring Water.

Fun fact: TIW is old english for TYR, which led to Tiw’s Day, which led to Tuesday. And today is Tuesday.

tyr v ttyr complaint

3 responses to “TYR SPORT v TYR SPRING WATER”

  1. Lisa Omori says:

    Curious … wonder why TYR hadn’t registered its mark on the sport top water bottles.  As a triathlete, I am quite familiar with TYR the brand and probably even have one of their water bottles in my kitchen cabinet.  I recommend an aggressive brand development portfolio with TR registrations in every “actual use” category. 

  2. May says:

    If you were in your local healthfood store and you came in contact with a bottle of TYR Natural Spring Water would you think it originated from the same source as the TYR Sport Water Bottle?