Dear US Trademark Office

Dear US Trademark Office:

I received the email below from the good people at TMOfficalNotices regarding a Notice of Publication. I have two wishes for these. (1) They include the mark in the subject, or first line; and (2) The date is a clickable link that creates a MS Outlook ‘event.’

your pal,



Your trademark application (Serial No.xxxxx) is scheduled to publish in the Official Gazette on Jun 5, 2012 . To preview the Notice of Publication, go to http://tdr.uspto.gov/search.action?sn=xxxx. If you have difficulty accessing the Notice of Publication, contact [email protected]
1. The Notice of Publication may not be immediately available but will be viewable within 24 hours of this e-mail notification.
2. You will receive a second e-mail on the actual “Publication Date,” which will include a link to the issue of the Official Gazette in which the mark has published.
Do NOT hit “Reply” to this e-mail notification. If you have any questions about the content of the Notice of Publication, contact [email protected]

2 responses to “Dear US Trademark Office”

  1. Instead of using proprietary M$ Outhouse stuff, they should use a standardized format like iCal which can be imported into a wide variety of devices and programs.

  2. Frank Herrera says:

    So true …