Timelines v Facebook re TIMELINE

Plaintiff owns registrations for TIMELINES for “Providing a web site that gives users the ability to create customized web pages featuring user-defined information about historical, current and upcoming events; and application service provider, namely, managing web sites of others in the fields of historical, current and upcoming events.” Plaintiff alleges Facebook infringes its mark with its new TIMELINE service, and that FB interfered with plaintiff’s FB page.

 Complaint Timelines Facebook

3 responses to “Timelines v Facebook re TIMELINE”

  1. Fally says:

    The examiner issued an office action for the TIMELINES application but it didn’t include a descriptiveness or generic refusal.  Why don’t I ever get these examiners?

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Timeline” is a generic word for things arranged in chronological order.  Does either the plaintiff or defendant in this action use the word in some sense other than its generic meaning, so that trademark status would be legitimate?