In-House Counsel Contemplating New gTLD Application, Seeking Same

I think that for some types of companies, such as those in consumer electronics, the decision to file for a ‘dot brand’ TLD may not be that difficult.  If consumers are performing a lot of their pre-purchase research online, and are even purchasing online (think DVRs and cameras), then even a small amount of diversion, lawful or unlawful, by typo-sites, adwords, grey goods, etc., can add up to significant lost sales.  The possibility of improved SEO and the creation of a ‘trusted’ distribution network may well pay for the TLD.   I’m not surprised that CANON and HITACHI are among the early brand owners who have indicated their intention to file for TLDs.

The decision for a brand owner whose product line is not quite as consumer-facing, is a little more problematic.  I was talking to a client at a  Fortune 500 company that is primarily B2B and whose marketing department is not quite as sold on the TLD opportunity.  The in-house lawyer asked what are other companies like his doing?  He suggested that there be some means for in-house counsel to share comments and experiences on the new gTLDs.

OK,  tell you what.  You can use the comment field here, or email me and I’ll anonymze your comments.  I hope you’ll contribute on the following:

1.  What are the strongest arguments within your company for applying for a new gTLD?

2.  What are the strongest arguments against?

3.  Is your company contemplating an ‘open’ registry where your customers may utilize domain names reflecting your brand, or a ‘closed’ registry where your company owns all second level domain names?

Also, here’s a new info site ICANN has created for the process.

2 responses to “In-House Counsel Contemplating New gTLD Application, Seeking Same”

  1. Ignoratio Elenchi (or Smoke and Mirrors)

    Through a mix of hope and fear, ICANN’s new gTLD program aims to cause maximum knee-jerk reaction. Assisted by a small group of associates and using finely honed scare tactics, the anticipation is that Internet users won’t mind several million dollars going into the pockets of a select collection of gTLD salesmen.

    It is important to remember that ICANN and their associates are just one part of an infinite and evolving universe and that alternatives are already available (e.g. it’s now possible to register new style Dashcom domain names like “business-com” or “jazz-music” or “happy-birthday” at zero cost).

    If we sit back and do not explore the options we cannot complain. If we sit back and do nothing we have only ourselves to blame.

    Disclaimer: Author provides dashcom (not dotcom) domain names.

  2. Every one saying the top level domain is more important in the business .how to choose the top level domain