This Is Pretty Interesting: EliteFTS v Elite

First read this UDRP in which Elite Investment Portfolio prevails by default over EliteFTS.com. Note in particular complainant’s allegations regarding respondent’s website.

Now read this complaint, brought by EliteFTS, after the appeal period for the UDRP has run. Note in particular paragraphs 27 on, in which EliteFTS alleges that all notice of the UDRP was sent to the wrong address, and that Elite Investment never mentioned the UDRP, even though it was in discussions with EliteFTS the entire time.

Complaint Elitefts v Elite

One response to “This Is Pretty Interesting: EliteFTS v Elite”

  1. This certainly looks like a dirty trick on the part of the UDRP complainant, filing the case behind the back of a defendant who they were in talks with at the time.  On the other hand, what contact information was actually present in the WHOIS record for the domains at the time?  If this was out of date, then it’s the domain owner’s fault if they didn’t receive proper notification.  The complainant’s failure to notify them at the current address they were using for other correspondence was sleazy, but possibly not unlawful.