If You Like CAMEL, You'll Love Our CAMEL Like Flavored E-Liquid

Website of defendant, e-cigarette vendor, reads:

Camel is one of the leading tobacco manufacturers that is world-famous for its premium cigarettes of distinguished “Camel” taste. The secret of Camel’s distinctive flavor and taste lies in Turkish tobacco that is considered to be the smoothest and aromatic in the world. Camel cigarettes were created to provide you with unforgettable smoking pleasure.

Our Camel like flavored E-liquid was designed to simulate the smooth camel cigarette taste, but without all the tar, toxins and carcinogens.  Only for electronic cigarette users.  The Camel like E-Liquid is full-flavored, giving you a strong and delicious e-smoke that will definitely make you satisfied. If you enjoy smoking Camel cigarettes, then you’ll love the Camel-like flavored E-liquid Nicotine.  Also available is a pure Turkish Tobacco E-liquid.


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  1. e cig uk says:

    The smoking cigarettes solution is then heated up by the atomizer into smoking, just like a small fog machine.

  2. Melynda Duke says:


    That is right, I have been also using e juices for a year
    and got great relief.Electronic cigarettes are play an important role towards
    our society. I totally agree with e cigarettes products and I am with it.