Where the $185k TLD Application Fee Goes

I backed out these numbers from the ICANN draft 2012 budget.  ICANN anticipates 500 applications at $185k per.  ICANN is supposed to handle them on a ‘cost neutral’ basis.  The $185k will allocated as follows:

50% ($93k) on processing the applications over two years

15% ($28k) on recapturing historical expenses in developing the new TLD program (which program has been kicking around since 2005)

35% ($65k) set aside for ‘new gTLD risk.’  I assume this means litigation and costs associated with protests (recall the lawsuits and uproar associated with ICANN’s eventual approval of .xxx).


One response to “Where the $185k TLD Application Fee Goes”

  1. Lance Long says:

    What precent do you figure is the “keep spammers out” fee?