Stone v Roc

I showed restraint and didn’t make a ’99 problems’ reference in the headline. Volcom sues Jay Z’s Roc Nation for allegedly infringing ‘inverted diamond’ logo.

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    Roc Nation LLC, the entertainment company founded by Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, was sued for trademark infringement by a California competitor.

    According to the complaint filed March 29 in federal court in Santa Ana, California, Roc Nation is accused of infringing the “stone” trademark belonging to Volcom Inc., of Costa Mesa, California. The mark is a black and white inverted diamond, according to court papers.

    Volcom says it has been using this mark since 1991 for a range of products including music, sound recordings and headphones. It also used the mark as part of its logo for a subsidiary unit — Volcom Entertainment — which sponsors bands, offers live performances and sells recorded music.