Use-based Applications for SARAH PALIN and BRISTOL PALIN

Sarah Palin had applications filed for SARAH PALIN and BRISTOL PALIN.  The office actions are below.  You can look at the specimen of use for BRISTOL PALIN here: bristol palin specimen (it consists of the words BRISTOL PALIN on a piece of paper.  Some people think this person should be the one to select Supreme Court justices.

Bristol Palin Office Action

Sarah Palin Office Action

3 responses to “Use-based Applications for SARAH PALIN and BRISTOL PALIN”

  1. Bret Moore says:

    Uh, NB: Sarah Palin’s the politician, Bristol’s her daughter.

    • esqmarty says:

      I’m aware. The applications are filed by the same attorney. I’m
      assuming that Sarah Palin was responsible for the selection of the
      attorney, and not the daughter.

  2. R. Pierce says:

    I wonder why Sarah Palin claims January 1, 1996 as her date of first use in commerce. I would be surprised if she was doing motivation speaking, providing a website, and providing political information as opposed to politicking on her own behalf during that time.