Weight Watchers Sues Nestle Over Use of Points

Weight Watchers sues Nestle for displaying Weight Watchers ‘Points’ on Nestle products. WW has previously sued Campbell Soup and Tesco on similar theories (background of Campbell suit here and Tesco here) but reportedly settled both matters.
Complaint WW Points

2 responses to “Weight Watchers Sues Nestle Over Use of Points”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lean Cuisine, which I assume is the Nestle product at issue (haven’t read the complaint), have had WW points on them for many many years. How soon do you have to complain about such a thing?

  2. esqmarty says:

    There’s no allegation in the complaint as to when Nestle began using the
    POINTS trademarks (see general discussion of the LEAN CUISINE product on
    paragraph 43 on. There’s no statute of limitations in the federal trademark
    statute. The longer plaintiff waits, the harder it will be to prove its
    case for a variety of reasons.