"Coupons, Inc. Drops DMCA Lawsuit Against Coupon Hacker"

Ars Technica: “Coupons, Inc. drops DMCA Lawsuit Against Coupon Hacker“:

A copyright lawsuit against a man who posted instructions on how to print unlimited copies of coupons has been dropped. The defendant, John Stottlemire, posted to his website this week that he had reached a settlement with Coupons, Inc. after a year-long legal battle over the digital coupons, and that Coupons would not be able to file another similar action against him.
In late 2007, Stottlemire posted instructions to tenbucks.net detailing how to perform a number of registry key modifications under Windows that would allow users to print unlimited online coupons offered by couponsinc.com. Without the “hack,” users are technologically limited to printing only one coupon apiece.

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4 responses to “"Coupons, Inc. Drops DMCA Lawsuit Against Coupon Hacker"”

  1. Well how will the coupon criminals learn if you let them go?

  2. They should really be punishing these hackers if they want them removed from society.

  3. Sean says:

    Well they should let it be now.

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  4. They should learn to know when it is time to relax this.