Legal Action Barbie

Mattel says it will sue over ‘lesbian’ Barbie.’


American Caveman?

Phosita on using TESS to predict future television shows.


Target's Target?

Counterfeit Chic on a new Target handbag and its, uh, inspiration.


Picture It Sold v. iSold It

Prof Goldman: “Do Quotation Marks Matter? — Picture It Sold v. iSold It” (keyword case).


[Fill In Barney The Dinosaur Joke Here]

What can be said about Barney the Dinosaur that hasn’t already been said?
EFF Sues Barney to Defend Online Speech.


Some URGENT Free Advice For Companies That Provide RSS Feeds

There’s something of a holy grail regarding developing a good format for delivering news to the mobile user – for example, the commuter who may wish to read the morning headlines on his/her Treo.
One format is the ‘river of news‘ that provides a feed of headlines that flows along the screen like a, uh, river.
Dave Winer, who’s been instrumental in the development of blogging, RSS and podcasting, has been demonstrating a ‘river of news’ feed at NYTIMESRIVER.COM and BBCRIVER.COM. The demonstration is getting a lot of attention and was featured on Rocketboom yesterday.
Without commenting on Mr. Winer’s use of those names for his demonstration, I wonder if people might get it into their heads that registering a domain name in the form [media brand name]RIVER.COM might be a good idea.
It might therefore be worth the $7 were you to register your RSS name plus RIVER and -RIVER today.
Further discussion by ZD Net’s new hire, Denise Howell, here.


An Ounce Of Prevention Or Bad Publicity?

Law.com discusses Baker & MacKenzie’s use of preventative letters to warn ISPs of possible infringing activities during the recent World Cup, and subsequent fall-out.


Film Class: Vonage Parodies

NY Times: “Agencies Are Watching as Ads Go Online.”
You will not be able to get the “Woo Hoo” song out of your head if you watch these consecutively.
This seems to be an authorized Vonage ‘People Do Stupid Things” commercial

Here is a self-described ‘mockery’ of the Vonage ad:

Another, labeled ‘Vonage Parody”

Did Toyota authorize this one?

Political speech (Zarqawi doing stupid things):

Painful footage in this one:


PLAY PEN v. PIG PEN As Background In "Grand Theft Auto"

pig pen2.jpg
E.S.S. Entertainment 2000 v. Rock Star Videos, CV 05-02966 MMM (C.D. CA July 28, 2006). HT DC.
Modified version of LA strip club used in background of video game. Infringement action dismissed on summary judgement. Name of club was changed from PLAY PEN to PIG PEN, but logo, trade dress (including a sign saying ‘Totally Nude’) allegedly unchanged.
In the movie, ‘Defending Your Life,‘ Albert Brooks dies and in the waiting room for heaven he meets the guy who claims to have coined the term TOTALLY NUDE.


After 60 Days Warner Bros. Would Depose The Dead Guys Kids

Link to a motion to extend deadlines in which Warner Bros. suggests that it will depose the deceased defendant’s children. I would be interested in knowing the amount in controversy. Via Boing Boing.