Once You Start and Persist, We May Ask You To Cease And Desist

Between Lawyers: Baker and McKenzie represents an entity that owns the rights to stream the World Cup over the Internet. B&M has sent out preemptive letters on its behalf, one to an American website, Boing Boing, and one to a Canadian ISP. American and Canadian commentators found the letter to be embarrassing, and abusive, respectfully.
I’m not so sure the letter was such a bad idea.
Not that I had any reason to believe that they would have any way, but I do not believe that Boing Boing is going to be running any links to unauthorized sites that allow you to stream the World Cup.
And I think that is pretty much what the client is interested in.
p.s. Boing Boing’s response stating that it had never heard of the World Cup, was pretty funny.

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