FTC vs. Zuccarini, Cupcake, et. al.

The FTC has fined John Zuccarini, also known as The Country Walk, JZDesign, RaveClub Berlin, and more than 22 names incorporating the word “Cupcake,” including Cupcake Party, Cupcake-Party, Cupcake Parties, Cupcake Patrol, Cupcake Incident, and Cupcake Messenger over $1.8 million for various transgressions involving over 5,500 domain names.  I have actions pending against him, maybe you do too.

The press release (with links to the order “suspending” most of the 5,500 names) is at: http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2002/05/cupcake.htm

p.s. A unified gTLD whois which allowed searches by registrant name, address, email, and phone number  would make enforcement against this type of guy easier.


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